• Kolina Koltai

Graduate Student Poster Award Winner at CHPR 2018!

I am always so thankful to get some recognition for my work. Getting a Ph.D. is often described like running a marathon, not a sprint. I would pose that not all marathons are the same. Some have steep inclines which kill your calfs and others are in the sweltering heat on asphalt. Some have water at every mile with thousands of people cheering for you to continue while others have long stretches where the only people you see are other runners flying past you.

That being said, every little recognition, little sign from a spectator saying "You can do it!" as you try to run your race, helps. I was quite surprised to win an award at this year's St. David's CHPR (Center for Health Promotion & Disease) conference. I was one of the many students who submitted a poster for the student competition portion of the conference. I felt like I was already going in at a disadvantage as most students were in the School of Nursing. But, nevertheless, good work pays off.

I presented on the same work I presented at ASIS&T's conference (which was allowed at this conference). I was just happy to share it with others in another community. And I can't wait to show y'all what else I'm going to do!

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