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The Surprising Key to Combatting Vaccine Refusal

The Atlantic

Vaccine Misinformation

KIRO Radio's David Ross Show

iSchool misinformation research reveals anti-vax communities growing on social media

UW's The Daily

On social media, vaccine misinformation mixes with extreme faith

The Washington Post

Texas launches multimillion dollar campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy

Texas Tribune

Facebook Vaccine Information Groups Find Themselves in Moderation Gray Area


Anti-Vaxxers Misuse Federal Data to Falsely Claim COVID Vaccines Are Dangerous


How Conspiracy Theories Undermine People’s Trust in COVID-19 Vaccines


She Resisted Getting Her Kids The Usual Vaccines. Then The Pandemic Hit


How years of disinformation led to an insurrection at the Capitol

Minnesota Public Radio

Misinformation 'superspreaders': Covid vaccine falsehoods still thriving on Facebook and Instagram

The Guardian

Social Media Companies Struggle to Contain Vaccine Misinformation as Distribution Continues

Capital Tonight

Vaccines are the latest battleground for doctors on social media

MIT Technology Review

'Significant and growing public health challenge,' Twitter cracks down on COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

USA Today

Facebook is finally using a potent tool against COVID-19 misinformation

Fast Company

Missouri’s first COVID vaccine doses are on the way. How do you get people to take them?

Missouri Independent

'The Perfect Storm': How Vaccine Misinformation Spread To The Mainstream


Social Media Preps for Wave of COVID Vaccine Misinformation


Vaccine Approval Looks Imminent, But Distrust, Misinformation Have Experts Worried


'We are talking about people’s lives': Dire warnings of public health crisis as COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rages

USA Today

Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online


Yelling at your family won't change their beliefs. Do this instead.


Why a coronavirus vaccine might not get things back to normal

The Seattle Times

Meet the researchers and activists fighting misinformation


How fake is that post? This will help you spot deception after the election


How to be a good digital citizen during the election – and its aftermath

The Conversation

Impact of Facebook banning anti-vaccination ads

Scripps National News

Facebook says it will finally ban anti-vaccination ads


Pandemic is amplifying the U.S. anti-vaccine movement — and globalizing it

The Seattle Times

The pandemic is amplifying the U.S. anti-vaccine movement — and globalizing it

The Washington Post

Coronavirus vaccine trial participants report day-long exhaustion, fever and headaches — but say it’s worth it


Dr. Kolina Koltai Debunks "Plandemic II"

Fast Company

Millennial Pink QAnon?


Is the explosion of COVID-19 conspiracies changing people’s real-world behavior?

Fast Company

The coronavirus vaccine timeline: The end in sight?

The Daily

Trump’s promise of ‘Warp Speed’ fuels anti-vaccine movement in fertile corners of the Web

The Washington Post

This Doctor Is Suggesting COVID-19 Lockdowns Are A Conspiracy To Take Away Your Freedom


She wanted a 'freebirth' with no doctors. Online groups convinced her it would be OK.


Facebook Vows to Combat Vaccine Misinformation After Boy Dies from Flu

Spectrum News

Anti-vaccine movement finding allies among Minnesota GOP lawmakers

Minnesota Reformer

On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not to give her son Tamiflu. He later died.